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Mr. Pearce joined the Courier-Journal staff as an editorial writer. He shared in the Pulitzer Prize awarded to the Courier-Journal in 1967. On this occasion the Courier-Journal received the Pulitzer Committee's "Meritorious Public Service Award" for its successful battle for stronger strip-mining controls. At the time of the interview, John Ed Pearce was a writer for the Sunday Magazine in which he specializes in Kentucky county profiles.
Mr. Ruby began work as a news boy carrying both the Courier-Journal and Louisville Herald. He served as sports editor from 1938-1968. At the time of the interview, Mr. Ruby was still writing an outdoor column that appeared in the Sunday edition.
Carol Sutton began her career with the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times in 1955. She began her employment as a secretary and was promoted to feature writer in 1956. She served as editor of the women's section beginning in 1963 and as managing editor of Courier-Journal in 1974. She served as assistant to the publisher for the development of tailored news section before becoming senior editor of the Courier Journal and Louisville Times news and editorial departments in 1979.
Mr. Towles is the Vice-President of Public Affairs for the Courier-Journal and Times Company. After graduation from the University of Kentucky with a degree in journalism, he was appointed editor of "In Kentucky" magazine and assistant director of publicity has given him a broad background on the importance of these papers to this state.