Kentucky History

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Mrs. Allen discusses the history of several mills along Doe Run Creek and some of her general memories of this area.
Clark, the well known historian, discusses his formative years as a boy in Mississippi; educational background; life as a teaching historian; life as a writing historian; work as an administrator; and final evaluations of his life, family and country.
Coal mining in western Kentucky during the 1920s.
Paris Town - Louisville, KY. Includes individual interview with Father Eifler & interviews with community members. Father Eifler of St. Therese Church in Louisville talks with various persons who relate their remembrances of the area in the early 1900s.
"Portrait of a City: Louisville." This tape consists of ten three minute essays on Louisville and some of its major institutions. The were originally broadcast on the Helen Hall Radio Show.
Personal recollections of Bullitt County, Kentucky, history.