Louisville Hebrew School

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The narrator discusses the Louisville Hebrew School and Adath Jeshurun congregation.
The narrator discusses family history, local Jewish history, and present work with the Jewish Family and Vocational Service. Topics include the Louisville Hebrew School, the old Haymarket area of Louisville, family interest in Zionism, local Jewish leaders, and the orthodox Jewish community.
Kaplan discusses his family, the Louisville Hebrew School, the Young Men's Hebrew Association, and the Jewish Community Center.
The narrator discusses the origins of the Brith Sholom congregation, her childhood on East Market Street, the Young Men's Hebrew Association, and the Louisville Hebrew School.
Switow discusses his father, a Russian immigrant who owned movie theaters in Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia; his father's work in Louisville's Adath Jeshurun congregation; his childhood and education in Louisville at Cochran Elementary School, the Louisville Hebrew School, and Louisville Male High School; service in the United States Navy during World War I; engineering education at the University of Kentucky; Louisville during the 1937 flood; work with World War II bond drives; and views on the creation of Israel following the war. Switow concludes by discussing Jewish assimilation and changes in the local Jewish community.