Main Street (Louisville, Ky.)

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Main Street Association - Belknap Hardware
Main Street Association
Architect who designed the renovation of a number of historical buildings on Main Street, including Slugger Field, 21C and the Doe-Anderson Building. Describes the structures, their histories, and the challenges of updating the stuctures.
Main Street Association - owner of the building at 611 W. Main St.
Main Street Association - business owners on W. Main St. and former presidents of the Main Street Association, discuss Biesel's acquisition and restoration of property at 621 W. Main St. and the revitalization of Main St. from the 1970s to the present.
Main Street Association: The sons of Urban V. Boland, who was one of the founders of Boland-Maloney Lumber Company, describe the founding of the business in the 800 block of East Main Street and its continuing existence there today.
Main Street Association: T.S. Borders and Christine Karem Borders discuss their families' histories of being in the meat business and other businesses on West Jefferson Street in the area of the Haymarket from circa 1911 until the 1980s.
Main Street Association - Meat packing business in Louisville
Main Street Association - Bourbon Stockyards
President and CEO of Home of the Innocents, located on the site of the Bourbon Stockyards.