Main Street buildings and history

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Main Street Association - Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co.
Main Street Association
Main Street Association - Muth's Candies
Main Street Association - Frazier International History Museum.
Main Street Association - former owners and descendants of the original owners of Burwinkle-Hendershot Co. describe the history of the company and of the buildings that they have occupied at 125-127 W. Main St. for 65 years.
Main Street Association: Crawford and Wayne Wells, nephew and son (respectively) of Peyton Wells, Sr., who was the founder of Peyton's Incorporated, discuss the family wholesale and distributing business in the 700 block fo West Main from the 1930s to the 1970s.
Main Street Association - current owner of Plumber’s Supply at E. Main and Wenzel Sts., discusses his family’s ownership of that business at that location from the 1920’s until the present.
Main Street Association - Sutcliffe Co.
Main Street Association - retired vice-president of Hillerich and Bradsby; gives a colorful background history of the company from the late 19th century until the present.
Main Street Association: Charles Wirth, owner, and Daniel Swintosky, president of Marine Electric, a 100-year-old company at the corner of First and Main Streets, discuss the history of the company and the nature of the business.