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Rachel Grimes discusses her musical childhood and in what ways her family has influenced her music career. She discusses her very first band which was titled "Lemonade Hayride," how the band members got together, and what type of musical genre, and the influence the band took from. Grimes discusses the various bands that evolved from Lemonade Hayride and Hula Hoop. Grimes explains the tour Hula Hoop took in Britain.
Maddux describes growing up in Valley Station and his early experiences playing brass instruments. He devotes much of the interview to his first band, Mr. Big (with Irv Ross and Sean Mulhall), from its formation to its breakup and such highlights as playing at CBGB and touring with English band the Membranes. He discusses his later band Evil Twin Theory recording with renowned New York producer Kramer. Guitarist and songwriter in Mr. Big; Krakh; Evil Twin Theory
Ralph describes growing up in Pleasure Ridge Park and his early interest in music. Punk rock, he says, was his lever into becoming an artist. He discusses his bands Malignant Growth, Fading Out, Rising Shotgun and Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Review. He talks about the relationship between punk and his poetry and opines about punk rock and democracy.
Samples talks about her musical background and influences, her work with Girls Rock Louisville, challenges she has encountered being a female musician in Louisville.
Eric talks about growing up in Oldham County; his and his friends' distinctive sense of humor; the Bulls (and the break-up thereof); his concurrent and subsequent band Bo (later called Lemonade Hayride) and how the band would practice its between-songs patter as much as the actual songs ;LH playing on John Peel's BBC radio show and recording with North Carolina producer Mitch Easter; their relationship with the English band Boyracer; his subsequent band Hula Hoop; and his Hulaboy collaborations with Boyracer's Stewart Anderson.
Memoir of Jean B. Tachau on the musical life in Louisville from 1900 to 1970. She talks about prominent people, musical societies, and the problems which arose in those years.
The former conductor of the Louisville Orchestra discusses music and its history in Louisville.