Older people--Care

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Senior House Project. Burke is a past mayor of Louisville and served on the Board of Directors of Senior House at the time of this interview. He discusses his involvement and his opinions about the growth of concern for the elderly in the Louisville area.
Senior House Project. An attorney in Louisville, Ferguson served on the Board of Directors of Senior House since 1963. He recalls his years on the Board and the development of Senior House during that time.
Senior House Project. Jones was director of Senior House and discusses her arrival in 1972 and developments since that time.
Senior House Project. Dr Richey discusses his term on the Board of Directors of Senior House, beginning in 1970.
Senior House Project. Stoll was the original group worker hired at Senior House in 1963. She relates the beginnings of Senior House and its growth since then.
Senior House Project. In the 1950s, Tachau served on the original Health and Welfare Council that discussed the need for a recreational program for the elderly in Louisville. The idea grew into what is now Senior House.
Senior House Project. Traub is a past president of the Council of Jewish Women and an original board member of the Senior House. She relates her experiences with Senior House.