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Bowers discusses his many years as a photographer with Caufield and Shook. He talks about early aerial photography and some well known people he photographed. He also discusses the personality of Mr. Caufield.
Doherty discusses the inception of the Photo Archives at the Univ. of Louisville and his role in acquiring such prestigious photo collections as the Stryker Collection (Farm Security Administration photos from the Depression) and the Clarence Laughlin
Glass discusses his 44 years as a photographer with the Caulfield and Shook Photography Company.
Clarence J. Laughlin talks about the history of photography.
Photography and major collections of photographic material
Meatyard discusses his family's history and then his own. However, the bulk of the interview is dedicated to his career as a photographer. He touches on exhibits, style, technique, imagery and influences.
The interview covers the general history of the Caulfield and Shook Photography Company. Shook also discusses specific photography jobs, equipment and technical advancements.