Public housing--Kentucky--Louisville

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Mr. Beard discusses his work experiences and career with the Housing Authority. This interview is restricted, please contact for more information.
Literature on the Housing Authority is included its background and programs; Mr. Booth, as an executive, discusses the Housing Authority of Louisville. Additional information in the file
Ms. Hudson describes her experiences at College Court (Louisville's first housing project), and discusses her career with the Housing Authority of Louisville.

Jordon reflects on her early years with parents and siblings off Dixie Hwy, living in federal housing in Southwick, living in Germany for six years, life in military family, moving back to America and trying to make a living, moving to income based housing: Clarksdale and Beecher Terrace, the difficulty of raising kids in income-based housing projects, Beecher Terrace, Decker University and subsequent closure by federal agents, politics and culture of income-based housing.

These and other interviews were conducted by the Louisville Story Program and collaboratively edited with the participants authors between 2020 and 2023. The culmination of this collaborative work is the documentary book, “If You Write Me A Letter, Send It Here: Voices of Russell in a Time of Change.” This anthology of nonfiction documents the rich layers of history and cultural heritage in the Russell area of west Louisville, a neighborhood whose history is centrally important to the Black experience in Louisville.