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Leonard Devine was born in 1919. He lived in a Jewish Philadelphia neighborhood and describes his early life and Dr. Dembitz' (Gratz College) influence. He discusses Yeshiva College in New York City. He was ordained in 1940, and he talks about early pulpits. His first congregation was in Hamilton, Ohio; he was in Chicago 13 years and then came to Brith Sholom, in Louisville. He discusses Brith Sholom and individuals including Zach Oppenheimer, Sam Fishman, Milton Berman, Joe Wolf, and Irv Lipetz. He describes Louisville in 1969: the togetherness of rabbis and community in Louisville, Rabbi Roodman. He describes consolidation and changes since 1940 - schools, Day School, Russian families.
Chester Diamond talks about how he decided to become a rabbi, including his decision to start to learn more about his faith after wanting to learn more about why the Jewish faith would be targeted by the Holocaust. He talks about his learning of Hebrew and applying to the college, where he had taken courses that would help to prepare him and deepen his knowledge of the Jewish faith.
Rabbi Miles - Jewish Community interviews