Real estate agents

Mr. Hammond, a small business owner and real estate agent, discusses his childhood, education and life as a young adult living and working in Louisville. He talks about being a small business owner, the impact of urban renewal on the black business district, Small Business Administration loans, and his belief in the potential of young people in his community. He describes the opportunities of black real estate agents, talks about busing, gives his views on affordable housing for low-income families and concludes the interview with a discussion of his desire for greater participation by African Americans in community development.
The narrator (born 1899) discusses his near sixty years in the real estate business and his last twenty years on the Kentucky Board of Realtors. He also describes the changes in the field during his long career and his term as president of the Louisville
Black women in real estate.
The narrator discusses his career in real estate; his early position on the Chamber of Commerce; his position as Executive Director of the Louisville Board of Realtors; and the changes in the Board of Realtors over the years.