Rosensteil, Lou

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Dupps, an engineer with Schenley Distillers and with their Dickle plant in Tennessee, discusses Tennessee vs. Kentucky whiskeys, Brown-Forman's acquisition of Jack Daniel's, the Dickle "process." Also mentions Lou Rosensteil.
In two separate interviews Schupp, former president of Schenley Distilling Company, discusses his career with Schenley, his relations with Lou Rosenteil, politics and the distilling industry, and gives a general overview of the industry.
Shaver, former chief accountant for American Medicinal Spirits company, held a similar position with Schenley; discusses the problems of setting up accounting systems for distilleries; gives historical background on several former distilleries, such as Bernheim and National; talks about Lou Rosensteil; also about the production tax and other forms of taxation on distilled spirits.