Temple Shalom (Louisville, Ky.)

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A Louisville native, Kling's grandparents came from Germany to Aurora, Indiana, and then to Louisville where they started the Kling Stationary Co. His parents were Arthur and Selma Marcus Kling. He grew up in the east end. There were few Jewish merchants in the Highland. He discusses attending the Spencerian School, serving in the Army, and attending the Speed School at the University of Louisville. He was a member of the Hi-Fi Society, and Louisville Photographic Society and was a stamp collector. He was a Civil Air Patrol Instructor - at West Point 1965, learned to fly. His parents were very civically involved - Club 60, Selma with refugee settlement, Arthur with scouts, politics and senior citizens. Temple Shalom - deep involvement started in his kitchen. He also discusses Young Men's Hebrew Association, River Camp, Jewish Community. He also talks about the Flood of 1937.
Margot Kling's parents were Hilda and Adolph Preis. They were born in Frankfort, Germany; father decided early after Hitler came to power that it was time to leave. They travelled to the U.S. on the Queen Mary when she was 10, and settled in Louisville. She talks about working at Kentucky Dairies in the summer. She also discusses Helena Weiss, Adolph Weiss, Else and Gunther Eichhorn, Louis Mann and Mother, H.J. Wolff, and Hermine Wolff, Palmer Marcus, Laurence Koch, Ronetta Mayer, Sylvia Pardnes, Clara Wasserman Rowe, Annette Russman. She discusses meeting her husband at Camp Tall Trees, and college. She recalls the fundraising to build the Jewish Community Center, Temple Shalom, Hadassah (Betty Ades), Gita Comer, JSSA Board - 3 generations, deeply involved Temple Shalom.