The City of Louisville and Politics

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Ms. Auerbach, a local government administrator and social activist discusses the attitude of women in office on the women's rights issue. Restrictions: none.
Berry discusses his experiences in the politics of the Republican party and Louisville from 1910 to the present. He also discusses his tenure as jailor in the city of Louisville from the 1920s to the present. Restrictions: None. Partial transcript avail
The life, time and mood of the Louisville area between 1948 and 1953. Farnsley, a former mayor of Louisville, discusses problems during his administration and his numerous insights regarding the city.
Goldstein discusses his position prior to and immediately after the 1973 election for Louisville alderman, in which he was an unsuccessful candidate. Restrictions: none.
In a three-session interview, Dr. Carl Ryant talks with Republican Aldermanic candidate Dr. Joel Goldstein before and after the elections. In the early sessions, Dr. Goldstein discusses his strategy and the issues. In the post-election session, Dr. Goldstein offers an explanation for his defeat and discusses his future political aspirations.
Ms. Hall gave her interview in the aldermanic chambers of the Louisville Board Of Alderman. At the present time she is on the Board of Alderman. No summary available. Restrictions: none.
Dr. Sloane gives an exit interview for a newspaper article. Restrictions: none.
Stansbury, Louisville Mayor from 1977-1981, discusses his youth, education, and entry into politics. He also reflects on his role as chairman of the local Democratic party executive committee and as an alderman during the first Sloane administration. St
Judge Steinfeld discusses his activity in Louisville Republican politics from the 1920s to the present. Restrictions: None.