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Financial advisor for Theatre Louisville, 1963-1964; Treasurer of merged Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL), 1964-1969; ATL Board Member, 1980-81; presently CPA in Louisville. Altman's interview covers the years 1963-69.
Barry Bingham Jr. is interviewed about Actors Theatre Louisville: its history and his involvement. Mr. Bingham served as president of Theatre Louisville, 1963-1964; vice president of the merged Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL), 1964; and served as a member of the ATL Board of Directors from 1963 until the time of the interview. Bingham was a member of a major philanthropic family in Louisville. This interview covers the years 1962-1969, and includes discussion of the Humana Festival. testing.
Founder, Theatre Louisville, Inc., 1963. Co-producer/director merged Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1964-65. At time of interview, lived in Woodstock, New York, and did free-lance directing. Block's interview covers the years 1962-1969. First interview covers the years 1974 forward.
Actor who worked on and off as an ATL repertory member beginning in 1974. Burrus discusses his career beginnings and his work at Actors Theatre.
President of Actors, Inc., 1964- ; president of merged Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL), 1965-. At the time of the interview, Byck was living and working in California. Byck's (with Cornett) interview covers the years 1964-1966.
Actor, playwright and sister of Susan Kingsley, deceased ATL resident actor on and off 1969-1984. Cardwell's interview deals mostly with Kingsley's entire time with Actors Theatre of Louisville.
Actor-Manager, Actors Theatre of Louisville from 1965-1967; presently lives in Hollywood, California with wife, Jo Deodato, appears on TV and also does TV commercials. Jo was resident actor ATL, 1965-1967. Deodata speaks fairly briefly at the end of the interview; Clark covers opening night at the train station and the years 1965-67.
Founder of Actors, Inc. 1964: Co-Producer/Director merged Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL) 1964-1965. As of summer 1990, living in Louisville, freelance artistic consultant, and acting at Derby Playhouse, Clarksville, Indiana. Cornett's interview covers the years 1964-1965.
Executive secretary and later receptionist at Actors Theatre of Louisville from 1966-1979. Coy's interview deals with the years 1966-1979, including the first years at the Train Station and the West Main locations.
Performed in The Pirates of Penzance which showed in 1972-1973, the first season at the Main Street location. Performed in the Lunchtime Theatre and in Adventure Theatre the same season. Took theatre class at UofL from Jon Jory and Ken Jenkins. Co-owner of Neo, a Louisville beauty salon. Crume was 22 years of age in 1972-73. Attended "Tricks" opening.