University of Louisville--Faculty

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Dr. Akers discusses the University of Louisville's Urban Studies Center, his association with the Government Law Center, and his position as chief consultant for the Coaliquid project. A partial transcription (first 15 min. of side one) is available.
A University of Louisville English professor discusses his family history (Ohio County) and some of the folk songs of the region.
Interview with Ray H. Bixler, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of Louisville, concerning the university as he saw it in 1948, the Department of Psychology and its changes during his tenure, and desegregation of Louisville's public accommodations and housing, as well as student unrest on campus during the 1960s and 1970s.
Dr. Burton discusses her childhood and early education at the Louisville Girl's School; her student days in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Louisville (BA 1922 and MA 1924); her graduate education at Cornell University (PhD 1934); and her subsequent research and teaching career in the Department of English of the University of Louisville. Recollections include Burton's research and publication on the English poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850).
Dean Cronholm discusses her student and faculty days at the University of Louisville (BA 1962; PhD 1967; assistant professor in the Biology department, part-time, 1969, full-time, 1973). Also discusses her tenure as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.
A faculty member in the Department of University of Louisville's History discusses radical student movements of the 1960s.
Dr. Hassold, professor emeritus at the University of Louisville, discusses his career at the University of Louisville from 1927 through the 1960s. Recollections include characterizations of the University from Presidents Colvin through Davidson, and impressions of their administrations; Hassold's training and background as a Lutheran Minister; graduate work at the University of Chicago; and his job as the Head of the Division of Humanities of the University of Louisville.
Mr. Hendon discusses his work on the sesquicentennial of the University of Louisville in 1948. He also discusses his memories of his father, Dr. George A. Hendon, a former member of the medical faculty.
Hudson discusses her work at the University of Louisville from 1968 to 1981, as well as her education and career prior to coming to UofL. Topics include teaching in the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; directing intramural sports for women; coaching varsity basketball for women; and work as assistant athletic director for women. She also discusses charges of sex bias in the UofL athletic department filed in November 1980, with the United States Department of Education's Office Civil Rights.
The Louisville Orchestra - its developments, the commissioning program, and its successes. Also covers Mrs. Kain's life and that of her husband, Richard Kain, an English professor at the University of Louisville.