University of Louisville. Speed Scientific School

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Franz discusses his student days at Manual Training High School (class of 1924), the Speed Scientific School of the University of Louisville (Class of 1929), and the Jefferson School of Law (Class of 1933).
Schmied (B.S. in chemical engineering, Speed Scientific School, 1932; M.A. in chemistry, 1933) discusses his parents, who immigrated from Switzerland to Kentucky; growing up in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood of Louisville; studying at the Speed School; and later working as an engineer and executive for Reynolds Aluminum in Louisville, Kentucky, and Richmond, Virginia, Cochran Foil in Louisville, and Anaconda Aluminum in Louisville. Special subjects include Dean B.M. Brigman, Professor R.C. Ernst, and the cooperative program through which Speed School stresses practical experience in industry.
A 1928 graduate of the Speed School with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, Schnur discusses his father's confectionary business at 218 East Market Street; recollections of the University of Louisville from 1924 until 1928; and his later work with the Lion's Eye Bank, the Speed School alumni, and his elevator business in Louisville, Kentucky.