WAVE-TV (Louisville, Ky.)

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Paul Rogers recounts memories of working at WHAS-Radio in Louisville, Ky. from 1973-2013 (present), the longest tenured employee at WHAS. He covered sports reporting and talks about people involved with the Kentucky Derby, athletes and coaches.
Brian Rublein talks about his stints in WHAS, from 1970-1974, and from 1980-2001. He talks about how he got his job at the WHAS in night time news, when he was hired by Bob Morse. Rublein talks about his time spent as news director, when the radio departments at WHAS were split from the T.V. departments. Rublein also speaks a little about his time spent in WAVE. Finally, Rublein talks about his relationship with the Bingham family as he reinvented the way that commercial radio did stories.
Ray Shelton starts the interview explaining how he got interested in radio, and how he had originally become a lawyer, before transitioning to HAS television broadcasting in 1950. Shelton goes into detail about the hiring process for the WHAS television, and why Paul Clark picked him to be the first announcer for the WHAS. Shelton goes into detail about what it took to pioneer television broadcasting, explaining how one of his shows, According to the Law, went on to win a silver gavel in New York.