Women and Public Life

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Ms. Emmons relates her experiences as a member of an industrial basketball team in the 1920s. These teams were sponsored by their companies for their advertising advantages. One aspect of this is the concept of athletic teams being one part of the indust
Women in Politics. Ewing discusses her personal history and her thoughts on women today and their involvement in politics. Ewing is a Juvenile Court Judge for Jefferson County & one of the first women in Kentucky to occupy such a position.
Women in the Religious Community and the Feminist Movement.
Ms. Fulkerson discusses the status of women and her account of education, career and family choices in the 20th century.
This tape relates to the life of Louise Grady and her involvement in the work force as a woman employee.
Women in Politics. Haddad served on the Jefferson County Board of Education at the time of this interview. She shares her personal history opinions on the desegregation of Louisville schools, and views on the 1st year of court-ordered busing.
Narrator talks about her autobiography.
Discusses the National Organization for Women and herself
Ms. Kaufman relates her life experiences as a Black professional woman including a tour as a Peace Corps Volunteer to Malawi, Africa. Additional information in the file.
Narrator talks about her autobiography.