Women jazz musicians

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Kiana Benhoff talked about her musical education and how she was drawn to jazz music. She covered highlights of her career and explained what makes the Louisville Jazz scene so unique.
Allison Cross discusses her experience in music, with emphasis as her experience in the Louisville Jazz scene. She discusses her early mentors, choices and preferences in music, as well as her professional career as a trombone player with bands such as Billy Goat Strut Revue. She explains her professional choices and preferences including what types of audiences, venues, and artists she prefers to work with. She also discusses her experience as a music therapist and the direction she believes the future of jazz is headed in Louisville, Kentucky.
A native of Louisville who has achieved some fame as a jazz musician, Helen Humes discusses her childhood and parents; Bessie Allen's Sunday School at Ninth and Magazine Street in Louisville, the childhood training ground for many local jazz musicians.
Discussion of Meghan V. Pund's musical experience, including how she began with music, her transition from classical to jazz music, and why she chose to stay in Louisville.
Meg Samples discusses the path that brought her into the Louisville music scene. She talks about career highlights as well as what its like to perform in Louisville ans various Louisville music venues. She also discusses her own future as well as the future of jazz.