Women musicians

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Cross talks about her work with Billy Goat Strut Review, transitioning to DJ-ing and making electronic music, issues in the Louisville music scene and the role of race and gender in it.
Feiock discusses her time playing guitar with several bands in the Louisville scene.
Green talks about her childhood in Detroit, her educational background, her work as the Singing Librarian and her struggles being classically trained. She discusses the band The Afrophysicists.
Rachel Grimes discusses her musical childhood and in what ways her family has influenced her music career. She discusses her very first band which was titled "Lemonade Hayride," how the band members got together, the type of musical genre, and the influence the band took from. Grimes discusses the various bands that evolved from Lemonade Hayride and Hula Hoop. Grimes explains the tour Hula Hoop took in Britain.
Catherine Irwin talks about bands she's played in including The Dickbrains, Butt in the Front and Freakwater.
Born in Louisville, Tara Key played in Louisville's first punk band, No Fun, and subsequently in the Babylon Dance Band, the Zoo Directors, Antietam and Rzzo/Key; she has also released a solo album. She is married to Tim Harris, bassist in each of her projects from the Dance Band onward. The two of them put together and published Blue Streak, her mother June Key's memoir. They live in Manhattan.
Molotov talks about her musical influences, painting, the current musical scene, her favorite venues and gives advice to aspiring young musicians.
Neumayer discusses founding Girls Rock Louisville, gives her impressions of the Louisville music scene of the 1990s compared to 2018, talks about the her experiences as a female musician.
Rodriguez talks about her interest in music and trying to connect with musicians after she moved to Louisville. She reflects on Girls Rock Louisville and challenges she has faced.
Rucker discusses her experience as a non-musician in the scene, her entry into the scene, being a woman of color in "white spaces" and the feminist ethos of the punk scene in Louisville.