World War, 1914-1918

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Berman discusses Beth Hamedrash Hagadol, the Louisville Hebrew School, the Young Men's Hebrew Association, Neighborhood House, the Adath Jeshurun Sunday school, synagogue picnics, the Phoenix Hill Neighborhood, Liberty Hall, and World War I.
The narrator discusses local Jewish organizations, individuals, and neighborhoods. Topics include the Jewish Hospital, the Byck family, Adath Israel congregation, the Young Men's Hebrew Association, recollections of World Wars I and II, the Standard Club, the Council of Jewish Women, anti Semitism, Jewish assimilation, and the Jewish Debutante's Ball.
Mitchell discusses his personal history, including life, education, service in the U.S. Army in World War I, and job as cook and a butler for over 27 years with the Ballard family of Louisville.
Mr. Pickett, a retired assistant Boy Scout executive and board member of Senior House, talks about his family, growing up on an integrated neighborhood in the early 20th century in Louisville, his work with the Boy Scouts of America and his work for the elderly citizens of Louisville. The final interview provides information on his parents’ families and the educational and professional achievements of several family members.
Switow discusses his father, a Russian immigrant who owned movie theaters in Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia; his father's work in Louisville's Adath Jeshurun congregation; his childhood and education in Louisville at Cochran Elementary School, the Louisville Hebrew School, and Louisville Male High School; service in the United States Navy during World War I; engineering education at the University of Kentucky; Louisville during the 1937 flood; work with World War II bond drives; and views on the creation of Israel following the war. Switow concludes by discussing Jewish assimilation and changes in the local Jewish community.
The narrator discusses her original home in Herganeau, Alsace-Lorraine; her education at the College Les Jeunes Filles; World War I; her husband, a reservist in the French Army; flight through Spain and Portugal to the United States following the rise of Nazi Germany; impressions of America; and her refugee work in Louisville.