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0:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Zera Lipetz. I'm conducting an interview this afternoon for the JCC Family History Project.

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer introduces herself and the interviewee and states the date and purpose of the interview. The interviewee provides her name, address, and phone number.

0:45 - Early life, family, and friends

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Partial Transcript: Thank you, Annette. What were your parents' names, please?

Segment Synopsis: Born on October 8, 1915, in Poland. Her family immigrated to New York in January 1922 and later moved to Louisville, where they had family. Recalls various streets and neighborhoods where her family lived, as well as her parent's grocery store, which they lived above. Mentions some of her childhood friends.

Keywords: Aaron Vine; Bluma Vine; Eva Yussman Goldberg; Freda Gurwitch; Gurwitch's Kosher Meat Market; Jennie Vine; Kenneth Vine; Minnie Cohen; Muhammad Ali Boulevard (Louisville, Ky.); Old Louisville (Louisville, Ky.); Polish Jews; Portland (Louisville, Ky.); Seventh Street (Louisville, Ky.)

Subjects: Childhood and youth; Family-owned business enterprises; Jewish neighborhoods; Jews--Commerce; Jews--Migrations; United States--Emigration and immigration

5:29 - Family business

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Partial Transcript: Annette, do you remember what the neighborhood was like, whether there were other stores, or so forth?

Segment Synopsis: Notes that most of the residents near her parents' grocery store on Walnut Street were black, while all the businesses were owned by Jews, including a pawn shop and a department store. Recalls that her parents opened a second grocery store and, while she was in college at the University of Louisville, the wholesale American Grocery Company.

Keywords: Bornstein; First Street (Louisville, Ky.); Jefferson Street (Louisville, Ky.); Muhammad Ali Boulevard (Louisville, Ky.); Preston Street (Louisville, Ky.); Western Junior High School

Subjects: African American neighborhoods; African Americans--Relations with Jews; Jewish businesspeople; Jews--Commerce; Louisville (Ky.)--Commerce