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0:00 - Music Background/Status as a Louisvillian/Early Musical Influences

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Partial Transcript: "Meg, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples describes where she grew up, and how she came to Louisville for the University of Louisville School of Music. Samples comments on the early musical influences she received throughout her childhood.

Keywords: Influences; Monkey Wrench; Mt. Sterling (Ky.); University of Louisville School of Music; Wild and Woolly

4:58 - Access to Music and Samples Decision to Attend UofL

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Partial Transcript: "How do you feel growing up in a rural town in Kentucky has impacted your style?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples states that she thinks about access to music a lot, and how while living in Mt. Sterling, she did not have a lot of access to music or to a "scene." She states that it is a privilege to live in Louisville and have the access to music that many other locations do not.

Samples describes her passion for marching band and pep band in high school. Louisville was appealing to her because of the program, and because she knew Louisville had a great music scene. She states that another reason why UofL's music school was so appealing to her was because she knew of Jason Tiemann, and wanted to study under someone who she thought was really talented.

Keywords: Access; Cover band; My Morning Jacket; Slint; Tiemann, Jason; University of Louisville School of Music; Venues

9:14 - Vagina Monologues/Identifying as Female and a Musician

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Partial Transcript: "You also studied Women's and Gender Studies. How did that come about?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples describes watching the Vagina Monologues, and how many of the issues being raised in the performance really resonated with her. She states that she had never really thought of some of the issues with identifying as female until she got to college. Women's and Gender Studies were really important to her because many people in Louisville kept pointing out the fact that she was both female and a drummer, and somehow that was different or weird to many people. She also comments on how female physical objectification is still an issue for her as a musician today.

Keywords: Empowerment; Feminism; Gender; Women's Voices

13:49 - "The Scene"

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Partial Transcript: "Could you maybe talk about the scenes that you maybe think you are involved in?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples discusses the Jazz scene that she was initially involved with when she came to Louisville. She states that this scene was more academic, because many of the people who were involved were either students or professors of UofL's music school. She states that she got into the punk scene and the indie-rock scene until a few years later.

Samples discusses what she believes an "underground" scene to be; what it used to be, and what it is evolving into now.

Keywords: "The Rud"; Brute Lite; grlwood; Jazz; Rudyard Kipling

19:28 - Bands

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Partial Transcript: "Could you go through some of your bands, what type of music they each are, and how you became involved with each of those bands?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples describes the various bands she has been involved with while living in Louisville. She initially was involved in jazz jams with students from UofL. Her very first band was titled "Squeeze Bot," which she still plays with today. She goes on to discuss the other bands she has played with and is still playing with.

*there is a brief pause, the interview was interrupted*

Samples continues to discuss the various bands she was and is involved with.

Keywords: Big Momma Thorazine; Bridge 19; Lydia House; Maximon; Roadie; Squeeze Bots; Tamara Dearing; The Deloreans; The Dixieland Solution

25:24 - Venues

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Partial Transcript: "So you mentioned Lydia House and you've briefly talked about some of the jazz places that are not really around anymore. Can you talk about some of the venues you have frequented with your bands?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples discusses some of the various venues her bands frequented. Many of the venues are no longer open.

Keywords: "The Rud"; Kaiju; Lydia House; Monkey Wrench; Nach Bar; Rudyard Kipling; Squeeze Bot; Zanzabar

27:00 - Local Influences and Relationships

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Partial Transcript: "So who were some of your local influences? Do you have people that you look up to?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples discusses some of the local influences for her in the Louisville music scene. She comments on some of the relationships she has formed through the scene. She describes it as a "musical family." She briefly mentions Girl's Rock, and talks about creating relationships with other female identifying musicians.

Keywords: Atomo; Girl's Rock; Influences; Johnson, Carly

32:34 - Girl's Rock

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Partial Transcript: "Could you maybe talk about Girl's Rock?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples discusses how the idea for Girl's Rock came about, what types of people were involved, and how it has evolved into the non-profit organization it is today.

Keywords: Dreamland; Empowerment; La La Land Studios; Neumayer, Carrie; Women; Women's Voices

36:22 - Band Identity

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Partial Transcript: "How do you think the Louisville Underground Music Scene has influenced or shape your personal music?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples describes the various cover shows she has done and states that cover shows are really popular in the Louisville scene. Samples discusses the dichotomy between bands playing covers for entertainment, and performing their own creativity and how this relationship effects the identity of the band.

Keywords: Bowie, David; Bridge-19; Burn, David; Dance; Deloreans; Indie Rock; Jazz; Prince; Singer-Song Writer; Song Covers; Talking Heads

40:33 - Relationships, Memories, Challenges, and Accessibility

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Partial Transcript: "What do you enjoy most being a musician?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples states that her favorite thing about being a musician is the relationships she has made with other musicians. She states that her favorite memories involved collaborating with other musicians in a living room or a basement.

Samples shares a story about an occurrence at the Jazz Factory, on its closing night when she was a young musician. This night allowed her to create a lasting relationship with Harry Pickens, got her the spot in Squeeze Bot, and has remained a lasting positive memory of the Jazz scene in Louisville.

Samples discusses the struggles she has faced as a musician. She states that one of the hardest things as a musician is finding a balance between putting in time to her music, and being compensated monetarily for that time and energy.

Samples talks about the accessibility of music.

Keywords: Glassworks; Jazz Factory; Jimmy Can't Dance; Louisville Leopards; Pickens, Harry

52:29 - Finding a Balance

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Partial Transcript: "How would you describe your teaching career and your independent radio career in relationship to your music life? What is that balance, and how do you figure that out?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples states that all her teaching career, her radio career, and her music career are all interconnected. Samples states that all of her jobs allow her to stay in her community and to stay relevant in the scene.

54:49 - Growing from Underground

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Partial Transcript: "Do you have anything that you want to add?"

Segment Synopsis: Samples states that she wants her bands to create music for people to dance to.

She states that she wants the Louisville Music Scene to continue to have these ideals of protest and change, but she wants those ideas to be circulated popularly.

Keywords: Actions; Brute Lite; Girl's Rock; Louisville; Punk Culture; Thoughts