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0:00 - Introduction and early days a groom

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Partial Transcript: Hey, my buddy Paul Goffner on whatever day this is. August.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of first job, hot walking, first bosses, the fire at Miles Park, family's reaction, making money, winning a car in a crap game, Learning from R.E. Vance, anecdotes about Vance.

9:24 - Grooming in New York versus Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: that was '69, that was the year I got married

Segment Synopsis: "Visit" to New York, working at Belmont, Miles Park and races, differences between Kentucky and New York, bandaging horses, Vance and "Goober" anecdote, stories of clashes between owners and trainers, how money has affected horse racing. Discussions of rubbing famous racer Forego, rough horses, and anecdotes about coworker (another groom? a trainer?) Tommy Long.

24:10 - Growing up in Newburgh and discrimination

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Partial Transcript: Well see, I grew up out there, out Newburgh.

Segment Synopsis: Goffner tells of growing up in the country in Newburgh, getting a cornstalk injury, and how he lost all his photographs. Brief conversation about photographs, the cover, and the title of the book Manning is working on. More stories aboutTommy Long (Blackfoot Indian), a run-in with the KKK, and discrimination against Black people.

36:13 - Racetrack Culture

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Partial Transcript: Yeah boy. He was a character. I wish you could have met him.

Segment Synopsis: Stories about other grooms, trade secrets, braces, Eddie Sweat and the New York Racing Association, racetrack friendships, "nerved" horses, famous horses, the Derby Trial, and Transferals.

48:22 - Interlude: Conversation with Passerby about Eddie Roche and Photographs

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Partial Transcript: Did you need something from Richard or was you just here to talk to Paul?

Segment Synopsis: Karen (unknown last name) comes by and talks with Goffner and Manning about the pictures they're looking at and who might have photographs of Eddie Roche.

54:12 - More growing up, track stories, and conclusion

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Partial Transcript: Take care. Yeah, you gotta catch Paul Goffner when you can.

Segment Synopsis: Chit-chat on the way to get more pictures, interlude with Jim Goffner, various horses, other jobs Goffner had, more growing up in Newburgh, differences between the country and the city, Backside impressions, various horses, and conclusion